Air Rifles

Feinwerkbau is now in India with different models of Air Rifles; available for online sale. Feinwerkbau have a huge range of Air Rifles perfect for shooters at any level and hence it is most preferred.

It is well known for high accuracy and smooth functioning. Its grips are highly adjustable which ensures most accurate and top results in shooting competition.

Many shooters from all over the world participated in London with quality products of Feinwerkbau. In London Olympics 2012 half of all finalists in 10 m air rifle shooting ladies used Feinwerkbau air rifles. Chinese lady shooter Siling YI using a Feinwerkbau air rifle won a gold medal. She shot excellent 399 points in qualification and 103,9 points in the final ensuring Gold.

Air Rifle Shooting

In other shooting competitions also our match Air Rifles has remarkable performance.The Feinwerkbau Air Rifles is an excellent choice for shooting competition, as it has all the features to be very effective.

This site is online shop for different model of air rifles made by feinwerkbau. One can buy a match air rifles of respective models online. Feinwerkbau can honestly brag about producing finest Air Rifles.The models are available with reasonable price for online sale. We offer several models with related accessories with specific price for every level shooter. Our product will ensure success in the shooting competitions.

In India, shooting sport is being recognized and is encouraging young shooters to take part in shooting competitions. Hence feinwerkbau is here to help the emerging shooters of India to prove themselves in shooting competitions.


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